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Over 20 years of Experience in Portugal


There are three stages at which we can become involved with your project.

Stage 1

We can help you locate the right piece of land for your requirements. We work closely with local and national real-estate agents and can save you much of the leg-work involved in tracking down the land on which you want to build your dream home. We can then progress to stage 2.

Stage 2

Once the land is secured we can introduce you to local architects and be at your side as the plans take shape. Regular and frequent communication is vital at this stage if you are to get the property you want. We can represent you with the architect in your absence and ensure that the project gets the right amount of input from yourselves via e-mail and visits to the UK where necessary so that you don’t have to commit more time than you want before moving to stage 3 of your project.

Stage 3

When the land and plans are in place we can initiate the planning process with the local authority and, simultaneously, seek estimates from a minimum of three building contractors whom we know to be capable of producing the finished article. The architect is asked to draw up a comprehensive and costed schedule of works. Contracts are drawn up with the chosen builder based on this schedule and the project is commissioned once contracts have been signed.

The Supervision Process

Once the builder has been chosen and the necessary planning approval has been gained from the planning department work on your project can commence. [...less]

From this point on we hold twice-weekly on-site meetings with the builder and the architect present. Any issues are resolved rapidly and quality control is assured. Reports and photographs are sent to you as required. Payments are made to the builder only in arrears for work which has already been completed and approved by the supervising architect and as per the build contract.

The Contract

Our standard building contract offers you the following advantages.

Following on from the initial deposit the builder is paid only for work which has already been carried out and approved by the supervising architect. [...less]

The architect estimates the percentage rate of completion of the various elements of the schedule of works. For instance, if the architect estimates that 25% of the steelwork for the foundations has been completed and the overall cost for this element of the works is 10,000 euros the builder will be paid 25% of 10,000 euros ie 2,500 euros. The remaining 75% will be paid progressively as the work advances. In this way you are never exposed by more than the value of the initial deposit. From the regular payments made to the builder a retention of 10% is withheld and is paid only after one year following the delivery of the completed property. This is a valuable aid in ensuring that any outstanding snagging issues are dealt with promptly following completion. The retention is only repaid when the project is approved and signed off by the supervising architect. A further retention from the payments is made of the same percentage as the deposit paid so that the deposit is gradually recovered over the lifetime of the project – eg. If a deposit of 5% was made to the builder 5% is withheld from each payment made to him.

The Costs

Our standard fee is 7 1/2 per cent of all related costs including architectural and legal fees if we are involved at these stages.

Cost Savings

We would expect to save you between 15 – 25% of the cost of construction of your property as a result of the bidding process entered into by the competing building companies. A further percentage can be saved by obviating the need for you to be on hand yourself to ensure that the work progresses on schedule and within budget.

The First Project – the Renovation and Enlargement of a ruined Farmhouse – Serra do Bouro. More...



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