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Renovation and Enlargement of Farmhouse – Torre – Tony and Lorraine Dodd

Tony and Lorraine had been frequent visitors to the Silver Coast and had rented various different properties so they had a good idea of what they did not want! However a two week holiday had never offered time enough for them to finalise the purchase of what they wanted – an older property with plenty of adjoining land and suitable for renovation. As they knew, the older properties have the best positions and they were keen to be part of a village within easy travelling distance of the coast.

When they found the right property they completed the deal without delay and asked us to commission an architect to design a property which allowed for modern-day living without losing the charm and character of the farmhouse.

The property comprised a dwelling house with various add-on spaces such as an adega (where wine was made and stored) and a dreadful old lean-to shed with the rubbish of decades therein! It was a challenging brief for the architect to bring all the useable space under one roof and to create natural light which had not been a consideration in the original buildings. The result is a beautiful transformation and a property which rates amongst the most attractive with which we have been involved.

Work was hindered by very wet weather over the winter and concerns existed over the integrity of the original adobe walls. These were protected and retained where possible and work went on around them until the weather improved.

A telling moment in the project was when it suffered a visitation from the local authority’s building inspectors. After spending an hour making a thorough and detailed inspection they pronounced the project “impeccable” – we never saw them again.

Picture of the Dodd project showing pool

Picture of the Dodd project showing landscaped garden

The client had bought a typical Portuguese village property which was in a very poor condition. His desire was to create a comfortable and functional holiday home whilst retaining the original charm provided by the traditional lines of the existing construction. Visually and technically the architectural challenge resided in binding together three separate structures into one dwelling.

Despite various technical difficulties due to the advanced state of deterioration of much of the original structure the project was highly successful and the result is a very attractive and comfortable property. Although renovations of run down properties of this type are notorious for unpredictable extended time-scales and soaring costs, the twice weekly visits by the architect, engineer and the project management team ensured that the project was positively monitored and under control in respect of both time and costs.

Arq José de Sousa

Montage of pictures from the Dodd project

Clients' Comments

The decision to purchase a property in this area was not taken lightly and the Ennis team were supportive and objective in discussing the pros and cons of a variety of options open to us, whether land purchase, new build or renovation.

We could not have undertaken the rebuild and renovation project we decided on without the direct involvement of Ennis with our architect and engineers to deliver what we wanted in a timely manner. Local knowledge of the requirements of the Camara and expertise at liaising with the professionals involved with the project were essential, combined with regular progress reports to us.

Any building project can hit unforeseen problems but, in our case, the co-ordination and scrutiny provided by the Ennis team ensured none of these were difficult to resolve. Their foresight, tight control of expenses and monitoring of progress payments ensured the project stayed on track and provided us with peace of mind even allowing for the thousand miles' distance between Portugal and the UK. Without this, our home in Portugal would have remained nothing but a dream.''

Tony and Lorraine Dodd

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